Our full-service model provides specialist digital capabilities built upon deep B2B audience insights.

Implementing this breadth of service seamlessly on a global basis is only possible due to the unique way in which Dentsu Aegis Network is structured, combining specialist knowledge with a global infrastructure.

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Genuine audience intelligence built from deep vertical industry knowledge is vital to effective planning in B2B.


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Audience research in B2B is simply not at the same level of that available to consumer marketers. The size and diversity of decision making units coupled with an often lengthy and complex buying journey, make it hard to clearly identify who is most influential at a given point in the process.  Add to this, regional variations, size of business and the specifics of vertical industries and the task becomes ever more challenging.

For some established decision-making groups, such as the ‘C’Suite’, there is a reasonable level of audience research available which can inform the media mix and help define the most influential channels.

However, experience has shown the most influential channel on the ultimate decision maker is the group that works most closely with them. This group can include multiple job functions from procurement, through finance to technical. We believe understanding how this group interacts, where they go for information, the format of that information and how they share it, is core to delivering engaging and efficient campaigns.

The insufficient amount of reliable research, means that a real understanding of decision making unit behaviour can only come from a real understanding of the key vertical industries in which they operate.

At Band Interprise our process is built upon deep understanding of the decision making process within key vertical industries, supported by our proprietary planning frameworks and tools. This unique combination enables us to clearly identify the most appropriate and effective media mix to produce truly creative ecosystem planning.


The complexity of modern media channels relevant to B2B requires a truly integrated planning approach.


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The huge increase in the amount of information easily available to business decision makers and influencers has fundamentally changed the way in which they interact with potential vendors. This calls for a different approach, as the old vertical push model can no longer deliver real engagement on its own.

98% of all business buying decisions now start with search, and in the majority of vertical industries, enterprise buyers are often 60% – 75% of the way through the decision-making process before they instigate any formal engagement with potential vendors.

The influence of this upper-funnel engagement on brand consideration is critical and makes an integrated approach essential. A singular focus on lower-funnel, traffic-driving tactics is simply not enough.

Just as in the consumer space, integration is key to engagement as the influence and effectiveness of specific channels is greatly enhanced when they work in harmony with others, to create a genuine, ‘through-the-funnel’ communications ecosystem. We believe the most effective campaigns are built on relevant, engaging, high quality content, activated and amplified in a fully integrated way.

Integration requires a breadth of capability not usually found in traditional B2B agencies. At Dentsu Aegis Network we have built genuine B2B capability in all key areas from search through to programmatic, enabling the teams at Band Interprise to take a truly media neutral approach to planning and deliver fully integrated campaigns for our clients.


Agencies must match the continual progression in global media relevant to B2B clients.


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There is an unprecedented rate of change across bought, owned and earned media channels which requires a pioneering approach at every touchpoint that influences the B2B buying process. From vertical Paid Media, through search to data and programmatic, continual innovation is key to building efficient customer engagement.

Whilst Direct Response remains a key component of the majority of B2B campaigns, we believe effective conversion and long term business value are reliant on advancing the brand communications that amplify Paid Media.

B2B buyers and influencers are heavily invested in brands and have a strong emotional connection with them, as this relationship is often directly linked to their own success. At Dentsu Aegis Network we have a commitment to innovating the way brands are built with a long-term, global investment in digital capability.

Today’s sophisticated and diverse business decision-making units continually interact with brands via a multitude of digital channels. Only the most inventive campaigns will stand out amongst the flood of content they are continually exposed to.

We work closely with our clients around the world to develop balanced campaigns that combine proven tactics in B2B with the very latest thinking in brand communications.

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