Valuable, sustained engagement with business decision makers and key influencers is built on relevant, interesting and high quality content.

We have a global capability in content creation and management, from technical to journalistic, including the unique services of our network sister agency John Brown Media, who employ many of the world’s leading business journalists.

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For over 20 years we have worked with many of the world’s leading B2B clients to deliver best in class media solutions.

Combining deep vertical industry knowledge with the scale and resources of a global media network, we are able to execute integrated, multi-channel B2B programs anywhere in the world, at scale.

From vertical press to programmatic, we understand how business audiences are influenced by, and interact with media, as our unique operating model enables us to be genuinely media-neutral.

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Demand generation is a major area of expertise at Band Interprise.

We have long experience of running highly defined guaranteed lead programs across the world and we work with all leading marketing automation platforms to help deliver the most highly qualified sales leads, and drive conversion and deliver real business value.

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The majority of enterprise-level buying decisions will not happen without meeting a vendor at some stage.

It is a key step in the path to purchase and one that requires specialist support. Within our network we have B2B specialist conference, events and hospitality capabilities through our network sister agency MKTG. We work closely with their Enterprise division to integrate their services into our planning where required, to help drive customer acquisition and retention.

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In a crowded media landscape driven by content, creativity in messaging is more important than ever.

We understand that business decision-makers are human and need to be engaged and stimulated. Our intrinsic understanding of business decision-making enables us to precisely craft messaging to fit any and all stages of the buying process.

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Business Traveller OOH

Working closely with our sister network agency, PSi, the world’s leading International Out-of-Home specialist, we are able to strategically target the business traveller across all travel touch-points.

Utilising unique and proprietary data and insights, we can map their behaviour, travel patterns and routes on a Global scale, enabling us to reach them with OOH Media in the most effective way.

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Digital peer-to-peer is one of the most important information sources for business buyers.

Understanding how business information is shared in the social sphere is crucial to developing innovative and effective social media and community programs. Our innate understanding of relevant industry forums and communities coupled with 24/7 social media management services including; content moderation, community management and social listening supported by our network sister agency, ICUC, enables us to deliver end-to-end social media programs on a global scale.

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Harnessing the power of data, analytics and technology drives planning efficiency and helps us deliver more effective results.

We have a range of data capabilities in our group including our network sister agency, Data-2-Decisions, who use their proprietary tools to drive customer acquisition and retention through digital attribution and media-mix modelling.

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Business decision-makers are the most mobile-engaged audience. Mobile is at the heart of every successful customer engagement program.

We must expand what we see as a mobile ‘transaction’ in order to fully realise its potential in B2B. We believe Mobile needs to be viewed as an always-on content interaction platform. Supported by our network’s specialist Mobile agency, Fetch, we provide Strategic, Media, Creative and Analytical mobile services dedicated to B2B marketing.

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Channel Marketing

We have over 13 years of channel marketing expertise working with some of the largest global technology companies.

Our dedicated team of international channel experts are focused on delivering tangible business results for our clients. By optimising their channels and providing a complete range of channel marketing solutions we enable their partners to sell our clients’ solutions more effectively.

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Sales Enablement

We serve as the opportunity conversion bridge between our clients and their target audience.

The Band Interprise Sales Enablement team are able to turn sales target account lists into B.A.N.T.-qualified opportunities. By getting past the gate-keepers and driving business benefits conversations with decision makers, our team drive immediate bottom-line value to our B2B clients across multiple industries.

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